Intro Welcome to my happy time theatre!, let's play a little game!
Type Giant teleporter
Signs of nearing None
Origin Killing Floor
Map(s) Any
Theme song
Partners Babydoll



Stunnable? Yes

Jack is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Jack is a Giant Jackinthebox Killer toy that is going to be the leader, he spawns many minions at all times.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Jack is a Giant Teleporter in boss pack 1, he is a giant clown in a box, as called as JackintheBox, he is a teleporter and half chaser boss type, his main threat is to kill his victims using the power of statics, and somehow, This boss is a remake of Slendermanexept that he doesnt kill on touch and he has a slower rate kill on statics than Slenderman, He creates Shock-Wave on Idle, making it easy to see where you are hiding at, but beware of making him chases you in hallways, as he uses statics, not pumping you to death!



  • "Peekaboo..!"
  • "Peekaaaboooo!!!"
  • "Hot Potato!"
  • "Oh Chesse [Jeez]"


  • "Play NICE!"