Jack Frost
Jack Frost
Intro None
Type Ranged
Signs of nearing Deep melted voices
Origin Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas
Map(s) Any
Theme song A little melody that builds up
Partners A Jack Frost Duplicate

Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas Gang

Stunnable? Yes

Jack Frost is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

During the Twisted Christmas update, it is suppose to be a re-skinned Husk so it will look like a snowman. This skin depicts a stereotypical snowman, albeit slightly melted, complete with stick arms and legs. Its mouth seems to glow slightly, and its right arm seems to be a stick that can throw flaming "snowballs".

In Slender Fortress Edit

Jack Frost is a ranged chaser in boss pack 1 he instead of shooting icicles or frosted things he shoots fireballs for some reason he is similar to Archvile and Huskotron in that he also has a melee attack as well he is stunnable and it's a 2 second stun so you can rely on that to save you if he becomes a problem.


  • When Glubbable added Jack Frost, there may be a confusion with Scrake that he has his own Christmas conterpart called "Jack" Frost Scrake. It is unknown that why Glub called them, "Jack Frost" for unknown reason.
    • Another name that people call him is "Snowhusk".

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