Invulnerability Hunter is a boss in slender fortress

Invulnerability Hunter
Invulnerability Hunter
Intro Demonic Roaring
Type Giant Hit & Run
Signs of nearing Growling
Origin Doom 3: Resurection of Evil
Map(s) Sector Six
Theme song Invulnerability Hunter Theme
Partners None
Stunnable? Yes (Flashlight)

Description Edit

Invulmetabolite Hunter is the third boss in Doom 3: Resurection of evil and is the last and strongest hunter out of the three hunters of Hell. This monster is a lot larger than a hellknight. It absorbs power to become stronger and render it invincible. It is only vulnerable when destroying the power sources, then the Hunter loses it's invincibility, It has a melee attack which is stomping the ground to damage the player. it can also attack the player by using ranged energy attacks. It looks like a golden hellknight.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Invulnerability Hunter is in the Doom 3 pack. It is like SCP-178-1 except a lot faster, it also has a faster attack speed and presistance is always long because it's a hit and run boss. It has a blue glow that makes it vissable in darker areas. It can be stunned with the flashlight.