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Environment Abandoned Army base
Boss(es) Special Bosses
Goals Collect all 8 gas cans

Great got all the gas cans, return to snipers van

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Hydro is a map in slender fortress

Description Edit

Tc hydro

The second control point location (original Hydro)

The RED Team are tasked to take gas cans in abandoned army base due their car while hunted down by random bosses. Once all gas cans are collected, you must return to RED Team's base and go to Sniper's van which is located behind the stairwell to the intel room.

Layout Edit

Literally the exact same map as the original Hydro from Team Fortress 2, however set at night.

BLU Team Edit


  • As of May 3 2016, this is the only map that is a direct port from the original Team Fortress 2.