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Circus Menu Husk2
Intro None
Type Ranged chaser
Signs of nearing Robotic voices about fire
Origin Killing Floor Summertime Sideshow and Killing Floor Amusement Park
Map(s) Any
Theme song
Partners A Huskotron Duplicate
Stunnable? Yes

Huskotron is a boss in slender fortress

Description Edit

Huskotron is a summer themed Husk who has also appeared in the Circus Pack he is Metalic gold humanoid machine who has a lazer point eye and a shelly apearance with a vent as a mouth it also has a fire ball blaster on its right arm.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Huskotron is a ranged boss in boss pack 2. It has a melee attack aswell as a ranged fireball attack like Archvile and Burnouts. How ever its fireballs are a lot faster. He is presistant and decent speeded if he becomes a problem you can stun him, his stun time is 3 seconds.

Trivia Edit

-Huskotron has almost the same stun animation as Hans Volter

-Huskotron is the first summer themed boss

-Huskotron is the first themed killing floor boss that isn't Christmas themed