Environment Hotel/Apartment Interior/Hospital with no equipment
Boss(es) Random Bosses

Slender Man & Kate (Older Versions)

Goals Find the 8 pages!

Find the escape!

Ambience New Offical Slenderman Shadows Ambience

1/8 Pages Ambience

2/8 Pages Ambience

3/8 Pages Ambience

4/8 Pages Ambience

5/8 Pages Ambience

6/8 Pages Ambience

7/8 Pages Ambience

Escape Music 7/8 Page Ambience

Hospice is a map that returned in Slender Fortress.


Hospice is the second map in the Slenderman's Shadow series. The player is a female in this game, like the original Slender and unlike Sanatorium, where the character is a male. While being chased by Slender Man, she must collect 8 pieces of paper, each containing 2 lines (16 lines total), which are eventually put together in the end into a poem called "Der Großmann". Also, the use of glowsticks are involved in this game.

Slenderman has been revolved in a slew of folklore, mythological and cultural sightings. In canon stories, non-canon, although there really isn't any exact specified story or history to the tall man. Either way, this mysterious man has became a viral hit across the web, amongst all art forms and most notably in video games.


Hospice as a map gives all of the roaming and surprise strengths to Slender and Kate as a powerful duo. Tight turns, a lot of doorways and long hallways makes up for most of what Hospice has to offer. You can't really ever be too careful; make one wrong turn and a camping Slender might just be in your way. Maybe even kill you on the spot. It's the same for mostly any one hit kill boss.

Take considerable slow turns each door entrance you take and sprint moderately as too much sprinting can attract bosses.

Specific paths change each round, like a built-in AI director. I haven't gone around to testing out each path variation but I notice it switches up in one part of the map that contains rusty washing machines. I'll point out more on this when I complete several test runs.

The surrounding area in Hospice is bright. Not much need for any flashlights here but pages are hidden pretty well on walls with brick textures.

BLU TeamEdit

One of the prettier waiting rooms. It has a DJ booth ready, strobe lights and eye catchy scenery to give one eye problems for the rest of the day. It can potentially cause lag spikes so it's best to not overdo spamming of switching songs. Up the slopes has a roof top in case you don't feel like being part of all the noise.