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Intro None
Type Look and run ranged teleporter
Signs of nearing Gun fire

And him saying "Scheisse!"

Origin Wolfenstein 3D
Map(s) Wolfenstein 3D
Theme song None
Partners Guard, Mutant, Officer, SS
Stunnable? Killable

Hitler is a boss on slender fortress.

Description Edit

Hitler was a dictator of Germany he killed many people. But in game cases he is the last boss in Wolfenstein 3D and is quite hard to beat with his double machineguns.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Hitler is a look and run boss,a ranged boss and a teleporter boss all in one and is a core boss only spawning on his signature map. As of the Overhaul Update Part 2 he now has companions who can also be killed, these companions consist of the Guard, Mutant, Officer & SS which all happen to be regular enemies in Wolfenstein 3D. As of a recent Update Hitler now despawns on stun.