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Environment Hell cave/Hell fortress
Boss(es) Hell Guardian, Hell Knight & Archvile
Goals Collect all 8 spell books or suffer in hell

Get to the portal

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Hellfire is a special map in slender fortress.

The red team spawns near the exit facing a giant skull with a portal in it, behind them there is another portal which is the exit that is unlocked after picking up 8 spell books.

When you enter the main Portal (in the giant skulls mouth) you will be met with 4 different paths each one with a portal, in each portal there is an area with 2 spell books in each.

These Spell books are always on top of small pedestals, there are many pedestals spread around each area,(except in the left portal that has only 2 pedestals that always have 2 spell books).

The middle way is the hardest, skeletons spawn there, the other 3 portals are very simple they are just different and have nothing special.

After getting 8 spell books you need to find the nearest portal and go in it to go back to the spawn area, where you'll have to run into the portal that was behind you when spawning to finally win the game.

It's one of the easist maps in slender fortress and is recommended for new players.

Description Edit

It is a very hellish and demonic looking map, almost looking like it was ripped straight from DOOM. However, The map is original and still fun for new and old players.

Layout Edit

The layout of this map is somewhat jagged, and very maze-like. However, despite lava being beneath the ground, few players have wandered off and killed themselves on purpose.

BLU Team Edit

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