Hell Guardian
Intro A loud roar.
Type Giant Chaser
Signs of nearing When idle, he emits low growls and when chasing he roars which can be heard from afar by others.
Origin Doom 3
Map(s) Hellfire
Theme song Hell Guardian theme
Surgeon Attack (Reversed) (Old)
Partners A Hell Guardian duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Guardian of Hell is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Guardian looks vaguely like a crocodilian, but with a taller and broader jaw, and larger and more muscular arms ending in large round fists shaped like spiked maces that appear to contain cracks full of lava, muscular legs with hooves, a hunched upper body, a very long tail that ends with a spiked mace similarly to its arms, an armored back with traces of lava, and a head that has stereotypical demonic horns. The designers commented in the Making of Doom 3 book that the Guardian was created with the idea of a pre-human hell during the prehistoric age, and it was something that dinosaurs feared and perhaps caused their extinction.

Its refuge is a large area of Hell that is filled with large pillars of rock and slabs of demon flesh can be seen strewn on some of them.

Its primary attacks consist of punching with its large fists and pounding the ground, which emits large spheres of energy that burst from the Guardian in all 8 directions. It can also charge at you.

The Guardian's tough hide renders it invulnerable to all forms of weapons fire. The only way to harm and kill this goliath is to take out its Seekers. When all the Seekers are dead, the Guardian stops and forms a blue sphere above its head, which generates more Seekers. This blue sphere reveals a glowing energy orb in the Guardian's back; this orb is the beast's only weakness. However, this weakness will only show itself for 5 seconds.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Hell Guardian is the first large boss on the core pack and his companions, the Archvile and the Hell Knight, he lives in Hellfire. The Hell Guardian is very fast and can keep up with most classes until their sprint dies. Hell Guardian was designed for the Hellfire map which is why he is so fast because on Hellfire you escape him using portals. The Hell Guardian can kill most classes in 1 hit and can undoubtedly outrun a Heavy.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hell Guardian is difficult in any map but Hellfire as he was designed for Hellfire.
  • Hell Guardian's old chase theme is "Surgeon Attack", but in the new update version, his chase theme is changed to a better one.