Headcrab Zombie Scientist
Zombie beauty
Intro A low pitched quick groan
Type Mob Chaser
Signs of nearing Keeps yelling while chasing
Origin Half Life: Black Mesa
Map(s) Any
Theme song Surface Tension 3
Partners Headcrab Zombie Scientist duplicates & Headcrab Zombie Guard
Stunnable? Yes

Headcrab Zombie Scientist is the boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Zombie is a fictional creature in the Half-Life and Black Mesa universe. A Zombie is created when a Headcrab latches onto the head of a human host. A poorly understood transformation follows, transforming the host's fingers into claws and splitting open their torso, revealing their internal organs. The Zombie closely resembles its human host in height, though it commonly appears hunched, with its claws displayed in a threatening manner. The most distinctive feature of a Zombie is the Xenian parasite, the Headcrab, which remains latched over the victim's head. The victim of the transformation retains most of his or her clothing, though it appears torn or bloodied, perhaps from a previous struggle or as a result of the transformation. Despite the Zombie's grotesque appearance, it is a relatively simple enemy for the player to deal with, as it mostly shambles slowly towards its prey. However, Zombies can be quite dangerous in close-quarters combat and also have the ability to 'bash' objects towards the player. Zombies will normally make their presence known with low, guttural groans. Upon death, a Zombie will release a sharp gurgling sound. Unless met with a headshot, the Headcrab will survive its host's death, and is likely to attack within an instant of the Zombie hitting the ground. Also worth noting are the disfigured remains of the host's head, which suggest that the Headcrab feeds from the host or that it is the result of the transformation.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Headcrab Zombie Scientist is in boss pack 6 and there are two types of Headcrab Zombies, the Zombie Scientist usually spawn in groups of 2 and a maximum of 3. They deal about 120 damage. The most dangerous part about them is the number of them. They can be stunned, they are slow chasers like Slowerno.