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Hans Volter is a boss in slender fortress

Hans Volter
Hans Volter
Intro Multiple intros of him telling you how he will kill you.
Type Survival Chaser
Signs of nearing Demonic laughing and dialog
Origin Killing Floor 2
Map(s) Any
Theme song Die Volter
Partners None
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

Hans Volter is the First boss in Killing floor 2 he is an old German man who has been using special toxins and medicine to keep himself alive he is partly made of metal and machine parts aswell as being bald, not having any puples and having many tubes going through his nose and mouthpiece. He uses a number of atacks for example he throws genades full of nerve gas, shooting automatic pistols at you and running up to you and injecting you with a kind of venom in a carbine and attempts to sustain himself. He was the only boss in Killing Floor 2 until Patriarch was added in an update, he takes around 10 - 20 minutes to kill and you should be proud if you do kill him, he is like a mix of Gorefast, Scrake, Fleshpound and Husk.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Hans Volter is a Killing Floor 2 boss in boss pack 8. He doesn't throw nerve gas grenades or shoot you with automatic pistols but he will chase you and inject you with a venom loaded carbine, he seems to be quite presistant and quite fast but he is stunnable and it's a worthy stun as in its a longer then average stun. He is very weak compared to in killing floor 2. He also has dialog ripped right from Killing Floor 2.


Intro Edit

-your irritating rampage is about to end! you pethetic audious little worms

-you forced me to take personal enhancements. How tedious

-still alive! Bravo! I would shake your hands. But I think il just evisorate you instead

-what have we here. New subjects to tinker with! I hope you like pain

Chasing Edit

-You! Yes You! Prepare to die

-Ive chosen a new subject guess who

-i'l work on you next

-time for some fresh meats! Heha

-your my new specimen

Alert Edit

-i just need one healthy meat sack

-which one of your lives should I suck

-here I come worms for one of you

-I hunger for life force but who will I drain

Idle Edit

-(suffocated breathing)

-(suffocated laughing)



Stunned Edit





On hit Edit

-Feed me

-die! die! die!

-Yes! Yes! Yes!


On kill Edit

-i will make sure to feed off minds

-you should be proud that you are the one to heal me

-I will let you choose who's lives i suck next

-I will feed off one of you now

Trivia Edit

-his other attacks might come soon in a future update

-he is a mirror of scarecrow except he isn't a hit n run boss

-his stun is almost the same as Huskotron with minor differences

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