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Guilt is a boss in slender fortress.

Intro None
Type Hit and Run
Signs of nearing Maniac yelling
Origin Underhell
Map(s) Any



Theme song Guilt Theme
Partners None
Stunnable? Yes (Flashlight)

Description Edit

Jake's Guilt is the physical projection of guilt that exists in Jake's mind. Not much is known about the Guilt other then the fact that he seems to only exist as a hallucination. It is not known if the Guilt is meant to resemble anyone Jake has met, nor is it known what the Guilt truly represents in his mind. Jake's Guilt appears as a lanky, naked humanoid with a sandy, rotted skin texture and a skeletal-looking face contorted into a permanent scream. During his dreams, Jake may read a note that warns of the Guilt approaching, followed by a terrifying violin stinger. If Jake does not hide or close the closet doors when it appears, the Guilt will let out a loud scream and run towards Jake, typically bringing his dream to an abrupt end and forcing him to wake up.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Guilt is in boss pack 5, He is a screaming hit and run like Trypophobia, Guilt is considered as one of the hardest bosses and by far the hardest hit & run boss to date due to his supreme speed and his static build up ability. Even a scout himself will have a hard time outrunning this nightmare, the only way to stay alive against this boss is to make sure that a corner is ready for you to turn around, anytime he spawns behind you, run around EVERY corner you see and you shall outrun Guilt, for good, but be caution of the corners as well because he can spawn on those corners! As of the Overhaul Update Part 2 Guilt can now be stunned via flashlight. this makes it a lot easier to get around a corner but still makes this boss extremly hard

Trivia Edit

  • Guilt and Trypophobia shares the same status and speed, while the only addition feature for Guilt that got added is his ability to drain sanity from you, because of that ability, he is extremely difficult to outrun without dying from it.