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Glubbable is a server host for Slender Fortress.

Being an expert Hammer mapper, Glubbable has created almost every single modern Slender Fortress map there is. Along with these major contributions to the Slender Fortress community, as aforementioned, Glubbable also hosts what's widely considered to be the "flagship" Slender Fortress servers, due to them being the most content-filled, populated, and active with constant updates.

Although Glubbables' servers are the main ones, there has been a slight decline in players due to other SF2 servers being operated by other servers such as DISC FF (Fire Friendly), Panda Community and Sapphire Jasper's. Other servers that are not owned by Glubbable have their own rules and different settings.


Server: Appleshack[]
(Located in France, Europe)

Slender Fortress #1 (Standard) -[]

Slender Fortress #2 (Standard) -[]

Smash Fortress #1 -[]

Server: Bubblegum
(Located in New York, United States)

Slender Fortress #1 (Standard) -[]

Slender Fortress #2 (FNAF 24/7) -[]

It Hunts -[]

Death Run -[]

Server: Strawberry (Located in Dallas, United States)

Slender Fortress #3 (Random bosses) -[]

Slender Fortress #4 (Survival/Specials) -[]

Smash Fortress #2 - COMING SOON

Server: Raspberry (Located in Seattle, United States)

Slender Fortress #1 (Standard) - []

Slender Fortress #2 (Random Bosses) - []

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