Giant Zombie Soldier
Giant Zombie Soldier
Intro "This is my world! you are not welcomed in my world!"
Type Proxy Master/Giant Chaser
Signs of nearing TF2 Soldier's lines in low pitched voice
Origin Team Fortress 2
Map(s) Any


Biotics Lab

Theme song They've Got The Intelligence
Partners One duplicate of himself

Zombie Spies

Stunnable? Yes

The Giant Zombie Soldier is a giant undead BLU Soldier created by Steam user Glubbable. He is a boss appearing on Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Giant Zombie Soldier appears to be an undead BLU Soldier in giant form with a Voodoo soul, and wearing a Spine-chilling Skull on his head.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Giant Zombie Soldier is a giant chaser/proxy master boss in boss pack 5 and he is the 1st boss added in 2016 along with Prisoner Head. He has the ability to spawn BLU team players to hunt RED Team. Giant Zombie Soldier can also kill the RED Team himself, but he is slow. Juking this boss isn't a very smart idea, as his attack range is large, and can kill every class in one hit. He can be stunned for a couple of seconds after he takes 3 - 4 hits . The proxies classes he spawns are Spies Only.

Quotes Edit

All quotes are deeper in voice when compared to the original voice lines from Soldier.

Intro: Edit

  • "This is my world! you are not welcome in my world!"

Idles: Edit

  • "Augh..."
  • "Booooo..."
  • "Augh no!"
  • "*Evil laughter*"
  • "Who wants some?"

Alerts: Edit

  • "God bless America!"
  • "I Never liked you..."
  • "MEDIC!"
  • "U.S.A!"
  • "Do not look at me, I did not ask you a question!"

Chases: Edit

  • "Come here sweet heart!"
  • "Chaaaarge!"
  • "Time to inform your next of kin!"

Attacks: Edit

  • "Hoooaaa!"
  • "Ahhh!"
  • "Rrrraaahh!"
  • "Uggggh!"
  • "Haaataaa!"

Zombie SpyEdit

Zombie Spy
Zombified Spy BLU
Intro Moaning
Type Proxy
Signs of nearing Moaning and grunting
Headcrab Zombie sounds
Origin Team Fortress 2
Map(s) Any


Biotics Lab

Theme song None
Partners Giant Zombie Soldier

Zombie Spies duplicates

Stunnable? Yes (Killable)

The Zombie Spy are a proxy type enemy who hunt the RED team.

The proxies are living players and not computer enemies like most bosses from the BLU team who are summoned from the waiting area to help the Boss to hunt the RED team, they are noticeably faster than the Players and the Giant Zombie Soldier himself, however they spawn usually in groups of 4 or 3 proxies, the proxies can stab the RED team with the stock knife, Back-stabs however are blocked and deal only 40 to 50 Damage per back-stab, a normal stab deals 19 damage or slightly more, they often Moan when they are spawned, also their footsteps can be heard so RED team have to be careful and listen for their footsteps. when a proxy player spots you, turn as many corners as possible, because proxies are human players they most likely wont be able to track you perfectly and will give up.

Another tactic is just attacking them in a circular pattern or an "In-out" attack strategy. (Run in, attack, retreat, repeat) They have just a little more health than a standard Spy (125 HP) , So attacking them with a fast or strong melee attack, Like Scout, Pyro, Medic, or Heavy should take them out and benefit your team for the future.

Interestingly enough, they have a similar running animation as a Fast Zombie from HL2, And when attacked they also make a growl from a original Headcrab Zombie, but sped up and deepened so much its almost unrecognizable.