Gabe Logan Newell
Lord Gaben
Intro Various intros about "Half-Life 3"
Type Nightmare Chaser
Signs of nearing Voices
Origin Valve/Steam
Map(s) Any
Theme song Are You Ready For A Miracle?
Partners Two Lord Gaben Duplicate
Stunnable? No

Our Lord, Our Savior, Gabe Logan Newell is a boss on Slender Fortress. He is only available for the Summer Steam Sales.

Description Edit

Gabe Newell is a former Microsoft employee who, then went on to create the wonderful steam. Ever since then he has become a meme, and now a boss in Slender Fortress that comes only when the Summer Sales are on.

In Slender Fortress Edit

He doesn't have a boss pack and he is put randomly into the map, he has an intro and he is like a Woody and Buzz combination in a way. He can't be stunned and has a green glow, he also Insta kills on touch so be careful when trying to juke him.

Quotes Edit

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  • Gaben was originally part of Walter20210 third-party server for his own SF2 server made by The Gaben. It was recreated by Chillax and added to Glubbable's server for the Summer Sales. The older version of Gabe Newell can be found here.
  • Half-Life 3 confirmed?