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Frost Scrake
471px-Christmas Menu Scrake 1
Intro No Intro
Type Hit and Run
Signs of nearing Frosted Words
Origin Killing Floor Christmas
Map(s) Any


Theme song A Christmas Song from Killing Floor
Partners A Frostscrake duplicate

Killing Floor: Tiwisted Christmas Gang

Stunnable? No

The Frost Scrake is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Frost Scrake is a Christmas version of the Scrake, he has a blade on his arm, he only appears in Christmas

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Frost Scrake is a Christmas Boss in Boss Pack 15, he cant be stunnable. he is just an another hit and run boss which he spawns behind you at all times, and spawns at any places you are not looking at it, he has a copy of himself, making there a 2 Frost Scrakes, this can be a cheap death for the players [especially the last standing man] they often do their plan which is horrifying annoying to the player that got targeted by both, this can be happened often, once the both Frost Scrakes targeted the Player, the First Frost Scrake will chase the player, after that just right before the First one disappears, the Second one would spawn behind the same player, making it no fair and no mercy to the player, this happens like almost every time to the Last Standing Man, to avoid this, the player must atleast find a crowded place and shows his back to the wall, this makes the frost scrakes to spawn idling instead of behind the player. he deals 60 - 70 damage per hit he is abit fast but not faster than soldier Sprinting. As of the Festive Update, when attacking he now slows down the player.

Quotes Edit

  • "Get your blood flowing!"
  • "Let's carve you up!"
  • "Chop 'em to pieces!"
  • "Frost...bite!
  • "Time to open the presents!"
  • "Just a little closer!"