Frost Run
Frost Run
Environment Snowy Facility
Boss(es) The Rake & A random boss every 3 rounds
Goals Collect fuel for the boat!

You've got all of the fuel! Get back to the boat!

Ambience Pray 4 Death, Left 4 Dead 1 version is played from 1-5 gas cans]

Pray 4 Death, Left 4 Dead 2 version is played from 6 cans and beyond.

Escape Music Gas Can of Victory in Left 4 Dead 2

Frost Run is a Slender Fortress map.


The map's minor plot follows the RED team, who stopped their boat in an abandoned arctic facility in search of 9 gas cans. However, the map is plagued by two Rakes. After collecting all 9 cans and returning to the boat, the RED team are teleported to the BLU team's side of the map where they can have a regular fight. After every living RED member has escaped, the BLU team go into their defenseless humiliation mode and can be openly killed by the REDs before another round begins in a few seconds.

BLU TeamEdit

Frost Run PvP

On the other side of the map is where BLU team spawns, being a small facility looming over a snowy forest. The facility leads to a snowy wasteland, which is the PVP area. On the other side of this is another facility, which is where the RED team spawn after they successfully escape the facility.