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Forgotten Tomb
Environment Ancient Tomb
Boss(es) Slender Man & Kate and a random boss every 3 rounds
Goals Collect the 8 pages (scrolls)
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Forgotten Tomb is a map in Slenderman and Kate map in slender Fortress

Description Edit

THE RED team spawned in an abandoned ancient tomb with water systems in it. They must find all of the lost pages in the tomb, but they have minutes to find it and Slender Man and his proxy Kate resides in the map too. And they will relentlessly chase the RED team.

Layout Edit

Forgotten Tomb has RED spawning in a medium-sized room with 3 hallways that go through the tomb. There are some staircases that take you into short hallways partially flooded with water. Be careful though, those hallways contain a pressure plate in the middle that will activate a trap, where the walls slowly crush the player to death.

This map is recommended for more experienced players due to the fact that there are traps almost everywhere.

BLU Team Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A Proxy can activate the traps in the map.

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