The Flesh Squid is a boss in Slender Fortress

and was introduced in the "Old School" update

Flesh Squid
Flesh Squid
Intro Low toned ambience
Type Giant + Chaser
Signs of nearing Moaning and Footsteps
Origin They Hunger Again
Map(s) Any
Theme song Alien Shock
Partners Duplicates
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

The Flesh Squid is a colossal varient of zombie, supposedly mutated to represent a cephalopod of some sort. This boss is easily distinguishable by its gigantic size, tree-trunk sized tentacles, muscular legs and its out-of-body human head.

Another identifiable trait to this boss is the sounds it makes, you can hear its titanic footsteps echo across the map while its large bassy roars haunt players trying to survive.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Flesh Squid was introduced in the "Old School" update, being in "Boss Pack 14" alongside many other GoldSource themed bosses. Later on, it was moved into "Boss Pack 12" after the "Overhaul" update landed.

Currently, the Flesh Squid is both a "Giant" and "Chaser" boss. Due to its sheer size, this boss can be recognized from extremely far distances. Upon seeing a player, the Flesh Squid will begin to charge.

This boss is suprisingly slow for its size, making it easily outrunnable, putting yourself behind corners and objects is the best way to lose it, but be wary, if you get caught its an instant kill.



  • The model of Flesh Squid was used from They Hunger Again (formerly known as They Hunger: Rockwell), a remake/remod of the original They Hunger game, although they didn't appeared in the original mod.
  • The model borrows the HL1 Bullsquids skeleton and animation, with the exception of the tail.
  • Some of the sound files are also borrowed from the Ichtyosaur from HL2