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Flesh Horror
Flesh Horror
Intro None
Type Giant Chaser
Signs of nearing Roaring sounds
Origin World of Warcraft
Map(s) Any
Theme song Flesh Horror theme
Partners A Flesh Horror duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Flesh Horror is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Flesh Horrors can be found in the Butcher's Sanctum in Scholomance. They have several Meat Grafts attached to them and the following abilities:

  • Clotting — Heals 10% of maximum health every 1 sec.

This self-buff nullifies any attempts at doing damage to the horror directly, so target and kill the Meat Grafts attached to it. The flesh horror hits hard, but runs slow, so kite it around the room. Kill all 5 grafts and the horror will die automatically.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Flesh Horror is a giant chaser boss in boss pack 2 that insta-kills on hit. He does not move while idle, so use that to your advantage. If he spots a player, he will enter chase mode, which usually doesn't end, as this boss is persistent. Flesh Horror is easy to spot, by noises and appearance, and just by how big it is. Flesh Horror can't be stunned.