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Join gNatFreak, Kippesoep, PFS Venom, Hobo Ninja, Shadowblade, Monogon, Exitar, Mkyouto, ShavedFanatic, Captain Narwhal, and many more as they journey through a land filled with necks snapping, tentacles waving, gib making, monsters killing, heroes surviving, losers dying, screams echoing, laughter ringing, flashlights failing, blood flowing, eyes blinking, and spectators spectating.

If you see "Rec" in the top right of the screen (and the other video HUD stuff), then I am alive. Otherwise I'm spectating. You can disable your weapon model (like me), by typing r_drawviewmodel 0 into console. Change 0 to 1 to reverse it later.

As a brief overview of the mod: Players -- Five (sometimes ten) players work together to accomplish the specific map's goal. These players are normally on red team.

Goal - Collect all 8 pages, 8 spooky sandviches, 8 blue (red) prints, 5 gas tanks, etc... and then make it to map exit to survive.

Difficulty -- There are 3 different difficulties. The harder the difficulty, the easier it is to die. 'Nuff said.

NPCs -- The main hinderance to red team's progress. The NPCs come in one of three forms that I will label as "Don't Stare", "Don't Blink", and "Don't Bother"

Don't Stare -- Slender is the main NPC in this category. Stare too long or come too close and you're dead. Based on my experiences, there is roughly a 3/4ths chance of this category being chosen.

Don't Blink -- SCP 173 and the Weeping Angels are the main NPCs in this category. Stationary while someone (alive) is looking at them, they only become dangerous when unobserved. Blinking may therefore be dangerous. Based on my experiences, there is roughly a 1/8th chance of this category being chosen.

Don't Bother -- The Rake and the Amnesia Face Monster are the main NPCs in this category. Bothered by light and noise, they will almost never stop chasing you once you annoy them. Your only hope is to be sneaky or run without abandon in the case of discovery. Based on my experiences, there is roughly a 1/8th chance of this category being chosen.

Proxies -- A few (at least one) servers allow players who were not initially chosen to be on red team to play as Slender's proxies. Limited to a melee weapon and the class they had been, these players attempt to kill red team players.

Spectators -- Servers allow those not on red team (or those who have died) to observe the action by typing !slghost in chat. These players are invisible to red team, and either appear as purple ghosts or green translucent models to other players. Note that red team cannot read chat nor hear voice chat from any players on blue team (or spectators). However, red team can read the name change messages that appear in chat when someone changes their nickname in game.

Free For All Arena -- Those not on red team who do not wish to spectate can participate in the free for all arena near blue's spawn.

Special Round -- Once out of every five games (roughly), a special round spinner appear. One of the following will then occur: Lights out -- No flashlights for any player. Insanity -- Difficulty set to insanity. No ifs, and, or buts. Double Trouble -- Doubles the number of enemy NPCs Double players -- Ten players are chosen for red team rather than five.

I would estimate the average game to be about five minutes long. Thus, if there are 30 players in the server, you would play for about five minutes every 30 minutes (6 groups times 5 minutes per group). Roughly.

Thanks to the The Unincredible Pubber, I learned about the Slender Fortress mod and the corresponding servers. If you so want to play on such a server, just search for "slender" in the server browser and join one of the servers. If you're lazy, here are a couple server IPs:

Music: (That I added) From Ashes by (no author listed and cannot find it online :( )

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