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Environment Office
Boss(es) Mobile Task Force
Goals Collect 8 Spooky Sandviches
Ambience Generic Slender ambience from Slender: The Eight Pages
Escape Music {{{escape music}}}

Facility is a map in slender fortress that has been discontinued. However it is still active on other SF2 servers such as DISC Fire Friendly.

Description Edit

Facility is the smallest map in Slender Fortress 2. It takes the appearance of a research facility. There are 3 floors. The first floor includes a storage warehouse and a meeting room. The second floor has offices, a bathroom, and a room littered with BONK! cans and a arcade machine. The stairs leading to the basement has supercomputers and several desks.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The objective is to collect eight Spooky Sandviches and return to the starting point. Since the map is very small, rounds are quick. 5 RED players can be deployed to find the objectives. The main bosses are the Mobile Task Force from SCP: Containment Breach.

BLU Team Edit

BLU team has multiple PVP (player vs player) arenas to pass the time.

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