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Slender Elementary
Environment School/Yard
Boss(es) Slender Man & Kate & A random boss every 3 rounds
Goals Memories of the past, memories of regret... something is wrong with this place. Collect 8 pages from Elementary!

Get back to the entrance!

Ambience Old Slender Man's Shadow Official Ambience Pages 1-2 but ends when 4/8 pages are collected

Old Slender Man's Shadow Offical Ambience Pages 3-4 but starts playing at 4/8 pages are collected and ends when 6/8 pages are collected
Old Slender Man's Shadow Offical Ambience Pages 5-6 but starts when 6/8 pages are collected

Escape Music Old Slender Man's Shadow Offical Ambience Pages 5/6

Elementary is a map in Slender Fortress.

Overview Edit

Elementary places the players within a derelict school surrounding a courtyard. Based off the Slenderman's Shadow map of the same name. Like in the aforementioned game, Slenderman stalks players throughout the map, though this time accompanied by Kate. However, on the Special Only server, any boss can spawn in and combat the RED team. Elementary is also one of the three maps in Slender Fortress with multiple exits, and one of only two with different spawn locations.

Layout Edit

Unique to Elementary and Underground, RED team will be separated upon spawning, each half of the team spawning across the courtyard from one another. Similarly to Hospice and Sanatorium, the map is also colored blandly with fog surrounding the courtyard, making pages difficult to locate without a thorough search. Because of the limited battery power, players should be wise in their flashlight's usage.

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Trivia Edit

  • This map is based off the Slenderman's Shadow map with the same name.
  • In Slenderman's Shadow, you have to collect Teddy Bears. However, in Slender Fortress, you have to collect Pages instead.