The Easter Pack is one of the festive Boss Packs that is only active on Easter Holiday. This pack is different from other exclusive packs because it attaches on to the current pack instead of being a separate pack to choose from. This also makes bosses who are in the current Boss Packs and the Easter pack to have a greater chance of spawning. This pack can join with Boss Pack 1, Boss Pack 2, Boss Pack 3, Boss Pack 4, Boss pack 5, Boss Pack 6, Boss Pack 7, Boss Pack 8, Boss Pack 9, Swarm pack, Classic Pack and Summer Time Fun Pack. The Easter pack contains bosses from other packs and does not affect the boss pack in any other way. As of recently now it is a votable pack instead of latching itself on to other packs.

Bosses Edit

Hentai Woody

Bunny Man

Duck Nigga

Eddie Gluskin (The Groom)

Demon Violinist

Frank Manera

Jacket & Mini Jacket

Buzz Lightyear

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