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Environment Desert Mine
Boss(es) Any
Goals Collect 8 Gifts
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Escape Music {{{escape music}}}

Dustbowl is map in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Dustbowl is one of the first official TF2 maps released in the game, It's a Control Point map with 3 sections to it. All the sections consist of capturing 2 control points. It's also one of the more popular maps in the game. Due to the design and the simplicity, and being one of the first maps upon the game's release.

Layout Edit

The map is set in a nighttime version of Dustbowl, with a hint of fog added to it, unlike the original Dustbowl, you don't have to capture points to unlock other areas, as the control points are disabled, speaking of other areas, they're already unlocked, so you can explore most of the area. The main objective is presumably collect gas cans and escape to a truck, like Hydro.

BLU Team Edit

It's unknown what will BLU Team's Waiting Room will be, so we're gonna have to wait and see for ourselves when the map is released into the servers. To see what it is possibly gonna look like go to the time laps of the making of the lobby for Dustbowl on glubs YouTube channel

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