DOOM Spider Demon Mastermind
Doom enemies 1 by bloodlychainsaw-d39ojtv
Intro None
Type Giant Ranged Chaser
Signs of nearing Hissing
Origin DOOM II
Map(s) Tower of Babel
Theme song None
Partners DOOM Cyber Demon

DOOM Monsters

Stunnable? Yes and Killable

The DOOM Spider Demon Mastermind is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

The Spiderdemon, also known as the Spider Mastermind, as named in Doom II's and Depths of Doom Trilogy's manual, is the final boss of Doom, and appears again in the final episode of The Ultimate Doom, Thy Flesh Consumed. ThePlayStation and Saturn versions of Doom in turn feature two Spiderdemons as the bosses of its final level, Redemption Denied. The Spiderdemon has 3000 hit points and is one of the toughest creatures in the game. The Spiderdemon appears as a huge brain with facial features, mounted atop a cybernetic chassis with four mechanical legs and a chaingun, making it similar to a spider at first glance.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Spider Demon Mastermind is a Giant Ranged Chaser, It can be stunable until it has less health than the Cyber Demon.

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