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Intro None
Type Ranged Mob Chaser (Archvile, Baron of Hell, Cacodemon, Mancubus & Revenant)

Mob Chaser (Pinky)

Signs of nearing Grunting
Origin DOOM II
Map(s) Citadel

Tower of Babel

Theme song None
Partners Other DOOM Monsters & Icon of Sin

Cyber Demon (Archvile, Cacodemon & Pinky only)

Spider Demon Mastermind (Baron of Hell, Mancubus & Revenant only)

Stunnable? Killable

Demons are bosses in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

A demon is any artificially intelligent thing that is not spawned if the -nomonsters parameter is used. In single player and cooperative games, much of a user's playing time is spent in combat with enemy monsters. Monsters are either placed in a level during its design, created by another monster (particularly, the pain elemental spawns lost souls), or spawned by the final boss.

Any monster placed in a level or created by the final boss is initially dormant and becomes active only when it sees aplayer, when it sustains a damaging attack, or when it hears a player attack, even if this is with the (otherwise silent) fist. When activated, a monster will advance on its target and attack, sensing the location of thing they are after even if it is out of sight, and advancing toward that location even if it is on the other side of the level. If a monster hits an obstruction during its hunt for its target, it will attempt to walk around it or float around/over it (Cacodemon , Lost soul &/or Pain elemental). Monsters that have been alerted normally remain active indefinitely, even after respawning or being resurrected by an arch-vile. However, there is a bug which returns any active monsters to a dormant state if the user re-loads a saved game. In general, monsters of different types can accidentally hurt each other and will often turn against each other in such cases, engaging in monster infighting. If a monster defeats an aggressor without ever seeing or hearing a player, it will return to a dormant state.

Monsters can use some types of teleporters, although they do so accidentally, as their artificial intelligence is very limited. Monsters can similarly activate lifts and open certain doors, although some monsters may not fit through doors and openings that are just large enough for the player. Monsters can be hurt and killed by crushing ceilings, but are unaffected by all forms of damaging floors.

The monsters can be classified into two groups: the former humans possessed by demonic forces, and the demonic monsters (or hellspawn) originating in hell or arriving from there.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Doom Bosses are Killable Chasers. There are 6 Monsters, Archvile, Baron of Hell, Cacodemon, Manacubus, Pinky & Revenant. They can attack the player with various attacks, like ignition (Archvile), launching plasma ball projectiles (Baron of Hell), spitting electric projectiles (Cacodemon), Shooting fire ball projectiles (Mancubus), Biting (Pinky) & shooting rocket projectiles (Revenant).