Cyber Demon (DOOM)
1707129-cyver demon
Intro None
Type Giant Ranged Chaser
Signs of nearing Thumping and low grunting
Origin DOOM II
Map(s) Tower of Babel
Theme song None
Partners Archvile, Cacodemon & Pinky
Stunnable? Killable

The Cyber Demon is a boss in slender fortress

Description Edit

The Cyber Demon is the Final Boss in the DOOM series and is the strongest demon enemy in the franchise. He has various metal parts, a rocket launcher attached to his left arm, very tall horns, alot of resistantancy, and he is very, VERY dangerous.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Cyber demon is a giant ranged chaser. He is the Third biggest boss with a 2-4 shot kill. He is very presistant and hard to survive. He also recently became a paired up boss. Who he is paired up with is the Spider Demon Mastermind from the same franchise. He also is stunnable but it's pretty difficult to succeed in stunning him. But its nessasary to complete the map he is on.