Core bosses are bosses who spawn on a certain map or maps only unless spawned by an moderator these bosses don't have a boss pack and the only time you will see bosses from Boss Packs on these maps is if it's a Slender Man & Kate maps or certain Roullete rounds are on these will be the only time a boss from a boss pack will spawn on a core boss map

Bosses Edit

Ghosts (Lobbys)

Hitler (Wolfenstein 3D Ep3 Lvl 7)

Shrek (Swamp)

Slender Man & Kate (Forgotten Tomb, Claustrophobia, Elementary, Hospice, Sanatorium & The Abyss)

Tank (Parish)

The Rake (Frost Run)

The Sisters (SCP-087-B)

Villar (Monophobia (Reborn))

Weeping Angel (Weepers)

Trivia Edit

-all Survival and Deathrun maps are core boss maps, or special boss pack maps aswell as some of the collector maps

-all of the core bosses were once on random maps

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