Classic Slender Man
Intro None
Type Teleporter
Signs of nearing Static
Origin Slender
Map(s) 4way
Asylum Redux
Classic 8 Pages
Classic No Exit
Theme song Gimmie 20 Dollars
Partners Classic Slender Man duplicate
Stunnable? No

Classic Slender Man is a boss in Slender Fortress.


When the Slender Fortress game-mode was in its infancy, it had a different model and static effects for the original boss, the Slender Man. This boss incorporates these two traits of the original Slender Man and is considered a joke boss, mainly because of being a reskin and its theme song.

In Slender FortressEdit

Classic Slender Man functions similar to that of the Slender Man, but is much more violent. While the Slender Man's static starts off as calm before escalating into something more violent, the Classic Slender Man's static instantly goes to brutal even when there is a distance between him and the player. This makes it so being near the Classic Slender Man is enough to instantly kill you. He also, like the original Slender Man, possesses a duplicate. Interesting, one Classic Slender Man can be identified by his branch-like tentacles flailing about while the other is completely still. With the Classic Slender Man's duplicate, sheer pesistence, and quick kills, he is a hard boss on the map 4way with its small rooms where the two can easily sandwich you. However, he is considerably less difficult to face in Asylum Redux thanks to its bigger rooms and linear layout. The Classic Slender Man has a gif that plays once he kills the player, which is from Slender.

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Trivia Edit

  • Classic Slender Man's comical theme song is a reference to the 20 dollars mode in the original Slender game, where the Slender Man blares the song Gimme 20 Dollars by Ron Brownz when nearing. The 20 dollars mode itself is a reference to the meme that the Slender Man isn't trying to harm you, and just wants 20 dollars.