The classic pack is one of the exclusive Boss Packs that plays on the classic maps, 4way and Asylum Redux, in Slender Fortress. It consists of the oldest bosses and has its original AI. Theses bosses are the original 20 bosses with an exception of Suitor, Slender Man and Slendyclaws, and others like partners for the bosses that do not appear on the maps. This pack is also with the other boss packs and can be picked to play on any map. As of the nextbot Ai update you can no longer vote for this pack

Bosses (18 Bosses) (18 Total Bosses) Edit

Classic Ben Drowned

Classic Book Simon

Classic Ghost

Classic Hentai Woody

Classic Horseless Headless Horsemann (HHH)

Classic Luigi Doll

Classic MeeM

Classic Mobile Task Force (MTF)

Classic Paranoia

Classic Sawrunner

Classic SCP-173 (The Sculpture)

Classic Servant Grunt

Classic Skeleton King

Classic Slender Man (4Way, Asylum, Classic 8 Pages & Classic No Exit)

Classic Slowerno

Classic The Rake (Classic Frost Run)

Classic The Sisters

Classic Weeping Angel