Slender Forest
Slender Map
Environment Forest
Boss(es) Classic Slender Man & Eight Pages Pack every 3 rounds
Goals Collect all 8 pages
Ambience Generic Slender ambience from Slender: The Eight Pages
Escape Music None (since victory is already garanteed once the 8th page is collected)

Classic 8 Pages, also known as Slender Forest, is a map in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Classic 8 Pages is a very old map and probably the oldest of all of the maps. It consists of many trees in the area and 10 landmarks, which consists of The House, The Oil Tanks, The Silo, The Trio of Rocks, The Crosswall, The Tunnel, The Wrecked Truck, The Trailer, The Caravan and The Dead Tree. These can spawn with a page on them and are all from the original Slender: The Eight Pages excluding the caravan which has replaced The Tool Shed from the original, The Pillars from the original are also not present but this makes up for 2 pages being able to spawn in the house. The Trailer is literally behind the caravan but a page can spawn on both of them which in total adds up to the same amount of landmarks as in the original. the map also has a huge chain fence to mark the edge of the map, it is unknown if a page can spawn here. This map also has no exit to go to after so when you find the eighth page you get teleported back to the BLU spawn.

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BLU Team Edit

Triva Edit

  • This is a exact replica of the map from the game that made Slender popular, Slender: The Eight Pages.
  • This is the first and only map as of now to have no exit point and the only map to teleport you back to the BLU spawn.