Chneero is a boss in slender fortress

Intro Chneero Theme playing
Type Proxy Master
Signs of nearing Grunts and growls
Origin Zeno Clash
Map(s) 2Fort, Biotics Lab and Any
Theme song Chneero Theme
Partners Crazy people
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

Chneero is a corwid who can attack the player with his stick by spinning around, he wears a mask similar to a 16th century plague doctor, he has a wooden splint for one of his legs, he has some weird shirt or rug wraped around him, a backpack and shoulder pads. He also has chicken corpses impaled to his stick. He also looks like he has been twisted and mangled and can only move by hopping on its wooden splint.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Chneero is in Pack 10. He is similar to Billy, where he doesn't chase anyone and the only way he can attack is if someone runs Into him. he also has his proxies who will be the main threat. He isn't stunnable.

Any information on this Bosses proxies please put here.

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