Mentioned changes: Edit

Slender Fortress - New Content Edit

- Added new map: Blood Wood

- Added new boss pack: Summer Time Fun Pack | Contains Jason, Freddy Krueger, Woody, Buzz, Duck Nigga, Barny, Bunny, Timorous, Anathema, Phasmo, Buffy, Weeper, Raptors, Frank, Groom, Scientist Mutant & Manequins, KF2 Scrake, Giant Zombie Soldier, Steve & Floaters, KF2 Hans, KF2 Patriarch, Shadow Miku's & Bogeyman

- Added new boss: Pitdrones to Pack 2 - Added new boss: Shock Trooper to Pack 2 - Added new boss: Sawyer to Pack 3 - Added new boss: Alien Grunt to Pack 3 - Added new boss: Suicide Blitz Tank to Pack 6 - Added new boss: KF2 Patriarch to Pack Pack 7

Slender Fortress - Gamemode changes Edit

- Implemented NextBot as the new base of SF2's Monster AI | Improved upon bosses pathing and movement to be more smooth and fluid | Fixed the long standing issue with jump exploiting

- Changes from 13th of June | Boosted players sprint speeds by 50 units, (from 300 to 350 for Scout and so on)

Slender Fortress - Boss changes from 14th of June Edit

- Changed all of the eye positions for all chaser bosses to be lower

Slender Fortress - Server changes Edit

- Classic Boss Pack is no longer votable, but still used by Classic maps

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