Environment Castle cellar
Boss(es) Grunt & Suitor

Brute every 3 rounds

Goals Obtain the vintage beer bottles

You've got them all, get back to the entrance!

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Cellars is a Slender Fortress map.


The RED team is tasked with collecting 12 (or 8, depending on the server) beer bottles scattered throughout the cellar of a gloomy castle. However, the cellar is plagued with a Servant Grunt and Suitor who relentlessly defends the beer from being stolen. The cellar is extremely dark, only lit up by a few wall mounted torches, is littered with forts of barrels and crates, and is partially flooded. After successfully evading the guardians and stealing all of the bottles, the team must escape the cellar in a handful of minutes by running to where they spawned, the entrance.

BLU TeamEdit

The BLU Team's side is what appears to be the surface of the castle, spawning outside where sunshine rains upon them. The respawn room and PVP arena are connected by a series of stone hallways, the castle's entrance, and the arena appears as a dining room. No matter what, the health appears as hams on the wooden tables and the ammo appears as scrolls hovering near a terrace, much like in Team Fortress 2's medieval mode.



  • Cellars is based off Brennenburg Castle's Wine Cellar from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.