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Bosses are enemies faced in Slender Fortress, usually beings of horror, who hunt down the RED team relentlessly.

NOTE: Make sure that you should put their theme on the pages from this playlist. And read the guide carefully.

Types of bossesEdit


Chasers are bosses who warp around the map and, once spotting a player, will relentlessly chase them.


Teleporters, like chasers, warp around the map, but however are never seen moving and instead dash towards the player at unseeable speeds, usually touching them and resulting in a one-hit-kill.

Crowders Edit

These bosses when active spawn copies of them selves similar to group and pair bosses except crowders don't use to separate bosses they spawn the same bosses multiple times and they never spawn just one.

Blinking and Eye Contact Edit

These bosses approach players if no eye contact is kept on them. Manually blinking can force them to move if you're the only player around however. None of them are stunnable and are always a instant kill.

Chargers Edit

Chargers are a special type of Chasers. They will "charge" at the player if in the Boss's Field of View for too long. And the definition "charge" in SF2, means they go incredibly fast, but cant walk or move when idle.

Ranged Edit

Guns, guns and more guns. Like harassers, there aren't too many of them but they are incredibly accurate. Avoiding long sight durations and utilizing as much cover as possible is keen to surviving these types of bosses. Some of them are stunnable too.

Hit and Run Edit

These are special types of Chasers that can Teleport Behind players. They usually insta-kill and can make unfair spawns to the point where the player loses all sprint.

Look and Run Edit

There are special types of Chasers that are fast or slow if you don't look at them but if you look at them they slow down or speed up, running backwards is normally recommended for losing some of these bosses.

Groups/Pairs Edit

Usually, bosses attack as individuals. However, unique ones can attack in pairs and even groups. This category also counts for bosses that, for some reason, are duplicated, making it so there are two identical bosses instead of one.

Nightmares Edit

They are very fast and persistent bosses who can more than outmatch you they can be lost just like all the rest of the bosses but it is easier said than done. It seams like sometimes they are there just to make your experience hell.

Endurance Edit

These bosses are some of the worst out of the lot. These bosses are extremely persistent and fast they also don't forgive any mistakes, but the thing that stands out with this bunch is they get faster the more they chase you, their weakness is they are bad when it comes to finding players.

Giants Edit

These bosses are Giant, they will deal a lot of damage or instakill you from their size. They are very big and they could get their head sticks into ceilings.

Proxy Masters Edit

These are special bosses who spawn in up to 8 or more players from the BLU team to help them kill the RED team. These bosses don't attack the player unless there combined with another boss type.

Selfdestructers Edit

These bosses can chase after players and explode while getting to close, BEWARE!!

Joke Edit

These bosses don't intend to be serious or scary and is an overall joke. Whether either due to origin, or due to either sounds, stats, texturing, animations, or model. Usually they retain their original looks from where they originate from.

Hidden Placeholder Edit

The Hidden Placeholder are added in each pack that is intended to fix an issue where sometimes the first boss in the pack will be never be chosen to spawn if all of the bosses in the core profile has been removed from the random rotation, this boss is not intended to spawn and as such will be barely aggressive and will spawn far away from players or not spawn at all regardless of the conditions. It will also have the second boss in the pack as a companion in case it does happen to spawn in for whatever possible reason.

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