Calm Fleshpound is a boss on slender fortress

Calm Fleshpound
464873748 preview fleshpound
Intro Roaring
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Near-Robotic Laughing
Origin Killing Floor 2
Map(s) Any
Theme song Becoming the Archetype - Mountain of Souls
Partners Calm Fleshpound duplicates Enraged Fleshpound
Stunnable? Yes

Description Edit

The Fleshpound is a slow moving zed that attempts to close the distance with players and engage in melee with his enormous club arms. He will randomly enrage when not in combat for a period of time, or when dealt a certain amount of damage quickly enough. Unlike the Scrake however, his enrage is not permanent and ends 10 seconds after it begins or he attacks a player (the EMP grenade from the berserker perk will also temporarily stop his enrage). While enraged, the Fleshpound gains a large movement speed and damage boost as well as gaining the ability to mow over many types of zeds in his path. He is considered to be of critical threat to the players due to his massive health pool, very high damage output, random enrages, and occasional area of effect attack. This is a threat that, in team mode, can often not be ignored for any reasonable amount of time without incredible coordination. Focus fire this threat at the first available opportunity.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Calm Fleshpound Is a boss in Boss Pack 5. Calm Fleshpound is paired with the Enraged Fleshpound from the same game. The Calm Fleshpound is the yellow and slow one but presistant, the Enraged one is red and fast one. Medic and Heavy is a Great Class to Stun this boss. However, the Calm Fleshpound is not recommended to stun, as if you miss the boss, it may hit you and insta-kill you. It is stunnable.