Burnout Boss
Muta burnout
Intro Roaring
Type Giant Ranged Chaser
Signs of nearing Growling
Origin Bulletstorm
Map(s) Any
Theme song
Partners Burnouts
Stunnable? Yes

The Burnout Boss is a boss in Slender Fortress

Description Edit

The Burnout Boss Only encountered three times in the game, and only fought twice. They cannot be killed by any weapons and will be stunned if shot by a charged shot from any weapon or shooting with a Boneduster will knock it back. Can only be killed by environmental hazards. When stunned, they are to be kicked into the said environmental hazards. They are said to be made entirely of dead tissue and have no life sign readings according to Ishi Sato.

In Slender Fortress Edit

The Burnout Boss is a large boss in boss pack 8, He is the main boss of the Burnouts, He is a giant chaser creature that wanders around looking to kill all who cross his path, he is rarely encountered due to normal burnouts spawning at a rapid rate until the boss spawn limit is reached and the Burnout Boss can no longer spawn, he is a medium speed boss and is very persistent, its the best not to let him see you, Do NOT attack him, he has an instant kill attack and can make short work of any class. But if your lucky you can dodge his attack and stun him if your up to it, There is a VERY VERY rare chance [Ultimately Slim chance] that this boss will Shoot "Fireballs" at very high speed, this is used just incase to catch the victim since he is medium'ed speed boss.