Intro Roaring
Type Ranged Mob Chaser
Signs of nearing Growling
Origin Bulletstorm
Map(s) Any
Theme song
Partners Burnout duplicates

Burnout Boss

Stunnable? Yes

Burnout are bosses in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Burnouts are fully mutated humans that have poisonous pus sores on their bodies, which are their only weak spots. In order to kill them, you must target the poisonous pus sores or use the environment. Some Burnouts have these sores on their asses. Burnouts give away their position by howling or making low growling sounds, but some times they can be more stealthy so paying attention to the surroundings is important.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Burnout are the Hardest rangers in boss pack 8, they are seen as a humanoids creatures that throw fireballs at you, do your best to prevent them from spotting you, they have Rings of Fire around their feet, giving you their location of where they are, They are also wanderers so be careful and be mindful of what are you doing when they're near, once you're being chased you have to turn alot of corners to outrun them, you may notice they are using fireballs, however these fireballs are very slow. The Burnouts are very fast and persistent bosses, you have to do your best to outrun them, once you've outrun them you're not out of the woods yet, as long as the burnouts are in a group of duplicates [3 duplicate maximum currently] you'll have to find a very good hiding place to lose them, but thats not all, watch out for the Burnout Boss, The Head Honcho of the Burnouts, and the biggest danger when going up against the burnouts.