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Intro Intro 1: Sound of a door opening then shutting

Intro 2: "I'm coming for you! *Can't make out the rest*

Intro 2 Alt: (From the original folder) Loud screaming

Intro 3: Die for me! Die (Again, can't make out the rest)

Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Muffled voices & Footsteps
Origin Call of Duty Black Ops II
Map(s) Any
Theme song

Dead Ended (Brutus has 2 folders, this is from the nazi_zombies directory)

Partners A Brutus Duplicate
Stunnable? Yes

Burtus is a boss in slender fortress

Description Edit

Brutus or his name Ferguson is a zombie prison guard in Alcatraz who has red eyes and is equiped with heavy armour he also has a lantern mounted to his chest as well as many chains and barb wire wrapped around his legs and torso where he also has a vest housing two smoke grenades and an officers badge. His armour consists of a heavy riot control helmet and a slightly broken visor. He also uses a club. He is a special variant of zombie who is also known as the cell breaker and appears on the map Mob of the Dead.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Brutus is in boss pack 6, he acts as a chaser with an attack animation which is smacking a club on the floor once finished if the player is close enough he will damage the player he also says a few voice lines and he can be stunned if he is gaining on you.

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