Ben Drowned
BEN Drowned
Intro None
Type Teleporter
Signs of nearing Happy Mask Salesman's laugh after killing a player
Origin The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Creepypasta
Map(s) Any


Classic 8 Pages

Classic No Exit

Theme song Song of Unhealing
Partners A BEN Drowned duplicate
Stunnable? No

Ben Drowned is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

In 2010, a college student received an odd N64 cartridge marked only with "Majora" in black marker from an old man at a garbage sale. The game seemed to be a normal copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and it contained a save file named BEN. BEN was deleted, and a new game was started. But after performing the widely-known 4th day glitches, strange things began to happened...

Characters were out of place, the story became darkly twisted, and the ironic line "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" was repeated throughout. Part of the haunted game implied that someone named Ben had drowned, so that the student returned to the old man at the garage sale to ask about "Ben."

The old man had vanished, and a neighbor provided the only clue about Ben's fate, saying that a young boy by that name had been in an accident in the neighborhood years before...

In Slender Fortress Edit

BEN Drowned is a boss in boss pack 16 and Utilizes spontaneous combustion; other than this, behaves similarly to Slenderman/Luigi Doll. The player will hear a sarcastic laughter if a teammate is killed, and the disturbing Song of Healing played backwards is heard when nearby. He has no intro.

BEN Drowned is relentless is often times does not despawn after losing the player and it will continue to chase them even if they are out of sight, just at a very slow speed. This is dangerous in small rooms to force them out into open areas or sandwich them with his duplicate, and can slow down the RED team on tight maps such as scp_087b as a path blocker. The best class to deal with him is the Pyro, as he is immune to afterburn. Another choice is Medic, as Medic can regain lost health if caught on fire. Be careful, though Pyro is still prone to static death or base fire damage. As of Part 2 of the Overhaul Update he has gained a fire ring, this can be used to to spot him. Just remember not to get too close to him.

Danger level is high to very high, due to high persistence, quick static buildup, instant kill by touch, fire based-damaged (if too closed) cannot be stunned and a duplicate to assist in the body count.