Arizona Layout
Environment Desert town
Boss(es) Random Bosses
Goals Get all cans and return to the car.

All the gas you need. Now head back to the car before you get left behind.

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Arizona is a map in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Arizona, as it name implies, takes place in a small town bordered by the barren night sunken deserts of Arizona. A large road splits the map in half, and the RED team spawns near a car that has broken down due to lack of fuel. As such, the RED team scavenges through the completely abandoned town for twelve gas cans while being hunted down by random special bosses. After collecting all cans the RED team must dash back to the car in under a minute. This map is considered one of the easiest for having the gas cans very close to each other and because the map is very vast and composed of plains (instead of the usual narrow hallways with sharp corners) so getting cornered is very unlikely.

Layout Edit

The spawn point is the end of the road near a car. To the left is a laundry mat with two buildings making it up, and behind it is a patch of rocks. To the right of the car is a diner with a police car parked out front. An oil pumper made inaccessible by a large fence borders the diner, and the pumper also nears a halfly destroyed warehouse and patch of rocks. There is also a tank storage, pool, and two story motel, three rooms on each story.

Tactics Edit

  • Head to the diner first, there is almost always a can behind or beside it. Then head to the oil pumper, where a can usually resides, then the warehouse, where one or two cans reside. Behind the warehouse is are a bunch of large rocks with a cactus, and sometimes a can. There is also sometimes a can behind the tocks. To the left of the warehouse, road-wise, another can could reside, and there is sometimes a can near the pool. A commonly missed can is far behind the motel where a patch of rocks inhabit, and behind the patch is another can.

BLU Team Edit

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Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most maps, which are mainly created or resurrected by Glubbable, Arizona is completely created by Stormchaser12.
  • Arizona shares intense ambience from Telltale's The Walking Dead video games.