Agrippa is a boss on slender fortress and was introduced in the Christmas update.

Agrippa highres
Intro Metal creaking, grunts and a tune
Type Look and Run
Signs of nearing breathing and moaning
Origin Amnesia: Tenebris Lake
Map(s) Any
Theme song Agrippa theme
Partners None
Stunnable? No

Description Edit

Agrippa is also in Amnesia: The Dark Descent but he is passive and offers you his head in order to progress through the game. But in a custom made amnesia story called tenebris Lake he is hostile and will chase down the player on sight in a shambling manor, he looks like a almost naked bald thin man with glowing eyes, a gaping mouth and only a cloth to cover his genitals.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Agrippa is in Boss Pack 8. He is a very fast look and run tier boss that is when your not looking at him, he is faster than pyramid head and insta kills on touch, we needed a look and Run boss for a while now, and since he Insta kills on touch he is in fact not stunable.