Adjule is a boss in slender fortress

Intro Whining, bashing and growling
Type Charger Chaser
Signs of nearing Panting, snarling and growling
Origin Resident Evil 5
Map(s) Any
Theme song Adjule Theme
Partners Adjule duplicates
Stunnable? Yes (Flashlight)

Description Edit

Adjule are aggressive dogs that are hostile towards the protagonist. They seem to be able to split their heads in half while still hanging from the body of the dog. The inside of the split area has many sharp teeth where the neck was and is revealed to be a parasite, that can attack from long distances away.

In slender Fortress Edit

Adjule is a boss in Boss Pack 11. This boss is unique, meaning it has been described as acting similar to paranoias older version except it is slower and has the ability to be stunned by shining the flashlight at it, the boss is the split head version of the adjule, it seems to be fast with a decent presistancy so don't underestimate it.

Trivia Edit

- This boss was along with many other resident Evil bosses were supposed to be unportable, but someone by the name Scooty Booty Sauce found a way to port the first ever Resident Evil boss from the game itself. Lickers models where actually ripped from a Left 4 Dead 2 addon.