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2Fort (Night)
Environment Army Barracks
Boss(es) Proxy bosses
Goals Obtain the cure for the proxy infestation


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2Fort is a map port from Team Fortress 2 on Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

2fort is the most common map in Team Fortress. It has achieved its popularity due to how long matches can be, how small the map is, and the amount of campers and other bad things in the map. Despite being such a simple map, it has been one of the most played TF2 maps for experienced players.

It even has a town called "Teufort" named after it in the TF2 Lore.

Layout Edit

This map is like the original, however it is darker than the Vanilla version. Desptie having alot of lighting props, bosses and proxy's can very well flank you if you arent careful. So watch out and stay alert!

BLU Team Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Before Glubbable ported this map to their SF2 servers, the user named Demon Hamster who had an idea of making 2Fort as a SF2 map in his server when he and his friends went onto the ctf_2fort map with SF2 enabled, the objective was to collect the 5 briefcases while surviving against the bosses, just like CTF, but with bosses. His friends said that there should be a Slender 2Fort map, Demon Hamster said he was going to, but he mostly forgot on the project and had other things to do in January 2016. A year later, in January 2017. Demon Hamster finally created Slender 2Fort. The info can be found here.

Videos Edit

TF2 Slender Fortress - Two Fort (Proxy Survival)

TF2 Slender Fortress - Two Fort (Proxy Survival)