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2Fort (Night)
Environment Army Barracks
Boss(es) Proxy bosses
Goals Obtain the cure for the proxy infestation


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2Fort is a map port from Team Fortress 2 on Slender Fortress.

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Trivia Edit

  • Before Glubbable ported this map to their SF2 servers, the user named Demon Hamster who had an idea of making 2Fort as a SF2 map in his server when he and his friends went onto the ctf_2fort map with SF2 enabled, the objective was to collect the 5 briefcases while surviving against the bosses, just like CTF, but with bosses. His friends said that there should be a Slender 2Fort map, Demon Hamster said he was going to, but he mostly forgot on the project and had other things to do in January 2016. A year later, in January 2017. Demon Hamster finally created Slender 2Fort. The info can be found here.

Videos Edit

TF2 Slender Fortress - Two Fort (Proxy Survival)12:08

TF2 Slender Fortress - Two Fort (Proxy Survival)

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